14 Foot Concrete Table


We clocked another milestone in the shop recently – our longest table, biggest pour to date! Our commission was to create a 14 foot long outdoor table with an inner recess for it’s corresponding stand. It would also have a separate copper heating element running through the bottom to heat it up for chilly outdoor meals!

Since concrete settles relatively fast, we had to pour this one very quickly, utilizing all five of our workshop guys to get the job done in time. Someone has to be mixing, someone has to be pouring, and the rest have to be dispersing the concrete, by hand, evenly throughout the mold. We used a Russian River sand aggregate and a custom light grey color mix with a polished finish to give the final piece it’s natural, outdoorsy look.

Being over 800 lbs, we had to rig up some special loading and installation arrangements to get this guy into place. Once installed though, it was a very handsome addition to this patio. Let the year round communal meals commence!