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Located in beautiful Sonoma County, California, Bohemian Stoneworks has been in the business of creating handcrafted, functional and artistic concrete design solutions since 1999. Known for the quality of our craftsmanship, our integrity toward clients and community, and our unparalleled customer service, we take pride not only in our work but in how we conduct it.

From concept to completion, we encourage client input so that each project is a one-of-a-kind reflection of the client’s individuality and style. Using signature production techniques, our talented group of artisans craft warm, sensuous cast-concrete pieces that are innovative, beautiful and reasonable to build. From countertops to fireplaces, vanities to furniture, we look forward to exploring the unique challenges of your creative project, and delivering a high-quality, inspired design solution that enhances your home or office.


Patrick Miller’s nature-inspired designs can be traced to his early experiences backpacking in the Sierras, where he observed interesting compositions in the patterns left by alpine streams and glacial flows. Later, making concrete counters for his own home, he discovered that raw concrete held the same subtle nuances of mineral deposition and drift. Drawing on his background in science at UC Davis and his early career in high tech, Patrick is constantly innovating new approaches to concrete as a remarkably versatile medium.


Bohemian Stoneworks is known for the quality of our concrete craftsmanship; our integrity toward clients, partners, employees, community and the greater world around us; and our unparalleled customer service. We take pride in this reputation, and know that it is our unwavering commitment to certain core principles that has earned us the trust of so many.


By staying eternally curious about new and better methods we can use to bring out the natural beauty of concrete, about artists and innovators with whom we can collaborate and about new advances in environmental sustainability, we strive to continuously improve the quality and individuality of our products and services.


The raw skin of concrete begins much like a canvas to the painter. Through skillful grinding and polishing techniques, we cultivate the natural beauty within each piece to create warm, flowing patterns. Through meticulous selection, we complement the sand and gravel with pigment colors and tones that are inherently pleasing to the eye. Carefully placed objects and sensuous contours elevate each piece to true art that is as striking as it is functional.


We employ state-of-the-art techniques to achieve an ultra-dense and highly reliable concrete product. We have learned to be uncompromising from the beginning of our materials selection through the finishing process to ensure the resulting quality of our concrete. Through training, experience and intuition, and using science as much as artistry, we are continuously refining our core product and innovating new alternatives for our customers.


We work closely with our customers to craft pieces that meet their aesthetic, functional and budgetary requirements, and it is our unfaltering belief that our work is improved by the vision and critique of others. Over the years we have also fostered inspiring relationships with many associates in the arts, design, building, manufacturing and other professions, with whom we continue to dialogue and collaborate.


We believe that success is measured by more than just a balance sheet. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service through good communication, organization and follow through. We honor our employees by maintaining a healthy workplace and by inviting active involvement in the course and operation of the company. And we acknowledge our responsibility to the environment by proactively seeking ways to minimize the impact of our company on the world around us.

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