Fireplace Transformed

The fireplace you’re living with is not necessarily the fireplace you’ll have forever. There was a certain period of time in which interior designers attached elaborate facades to the front of residential fireplaces, which to some modern homeowners can feel overwhelming and outdated. We were recently commissioned to solve such a problem, lightening up a central living room by replacing their old faux-rock fireplace with a clean and updated concrete one.

First and foremost is removing the offending facade. Most fireplace fixtures are simply resting on top of a brick substructure that can be identified and exposed by contractors or architects. We came in a bolstered up the substructure with wooden supports, then worked with the client to design and install a sleek, modern monolithic slab fireplace and bench-style hearth. You can see in the before and after pictures what a difference it makes to the room as a whole!

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