J Vineyards L.E.D. Tasting Room Bar

We are always up for a technological challenge, and wires and lights make no exception! J Vineyards approached us about making a custom bar top for their tasting room in Healdsburg, incorporating some pretty interesting ideas to make the piece stand out. In addition to using slices of their signature green wine bottles in the concrete mix, they were interesting in having those clear green glass pieces backlit from underneath so that they glowed inside the countertop. After a few experiments with pouring on top of wires and testing which kind of lights worked best and most consistently, we devised a way to use tiny L.E.D. inside the concrete slab and a wiring system that could sustain the finished product and hook up to an external power source. The result is definitely impressive, and certainly the most high-tech countertop we’ve ever developed! It certainly won’t be the last though…

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